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How do Magnets Work?

Magnets do not block pain signals, they treat the cause of the pain.

    Magnetic fields will influence individual areas of the body in different ways. For example a swollen knee joint may respond very quickly to the presence of a magnetic field, with symptoms being alleviated with in just a few days. How ever the same person may treat another area of the body with out the same quick response. The length of time that magnets will take to resolve the symptoms of an injury is entirely dependent on the severity of the ailment, the amount of inflammation surrounding the injured area and the cause of the ailment. Long standing chronic conditions, with large amounts of inflammation and cell damage will take longer to treat than a recent acute injury.

    The process is similar when looking at different peoples reactions to magnets. Each individual will react to magnets in a slightly different way. Some people react very quickly to magnetic fields and others will take a longer period of time. An individuals medical history and symptoms must be taken into consideration when estimating how long magnets will take to work for a particular ailment.

    As a general rule of thumb you should not expect to gain exactly the same results as another other person that has used magnets. Just because one person experiences pain relief within 2 days it does not mean that you will garner the same results. Many people are only too pleased to talk about their own experiences with magnetic therapy and while it is always great to hear an individual’s personal success with magnet therapy, it is sometimes hard not to expect to receive the same level of response for you.

Results can take any where from 2 days – 6 weeks depending on the condition and the severity of the injury.

Below are some examples of the very different results that patients have received with magnetic therapy.

“My friend and I had a consultation with Dee on the Wednesday and I purchased, the waist band, a magnetic pillow, shoe insoles and a water wand. The next day ( Thursday) I showered and dressed and realised that something was missing, I had no pain!!!”
Marilyn Yeomans.

“With in 24 hours of purchasing one of your knee straps, the pain was much easier. I am sleeping through out the night and able to walk much further.”

“I obtained one of these wands back in April, I can’t believe how quickly it worked about 7 days.”
Jean Barton.

“I suffer with intense face spasm which twists my mouth and closes my left eye…Ten days after using the magnet and trying the pillow not only had it eased the face spasm but it achieved what I didn’t dare hope for- my speech came back.”
Vivienne Murphey.

“My mother, at 90, suffers with diabetes. Her feet, always cold, warmed the instant she tried the magnetic insoles and the pain in her knees and feet was gone with in 2 weeks!”
Brian Lambie

“I have been using magnets every day for the pat four weeks, the pain has subsided to a tolerant level and I am able to sit in comfort.”
O Willey.

“I bought a magnetic back belt and I have worn it for four weeks, the results are really amazing.”
Derek Vernon-Morris.

“I was not sure at first if the magnets wee working for me. I tried the insoles for several weeks and then I knew they were. My reflexologist confirmed this too.”
Norma French.

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