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Application of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic devices

    As mentioned earlier there is a vast range of magnetic devices to choose from, there are a number of different devices that will all treat the same area of the body. You may wonder why there is a need for more than one device for each area of the body and the answer is that because magnets have to be worn 24 hours a days 7 days a week until the symptoms have been resolved a person has to be totally 100% comfortable with the device they are using or human nature shows that they will not use it. If a strap feels uncomfortable then it is very unlikely that you will wear it all day and all night even though you are aware that it will help you.

    In order to combat this problem a wide variety of devices have been devised to ensure that all most everyone will be able to find at least one device to suit them and that they feel they can use 24 hours 7 days a week.
    You may have the strongest healing magnets available but if you do not use them as they are meant to be used you will not feel any benefit what so ever. The vast majority of people who report a failure to receive any beneficial effect from the magnets have not been compliant in their use. Just as a course of antibiotics will only cure an infection if the full course is taken, the same can be said of magnetic treatments, failure to use the magnets until the symptoms have abated will result in a re-occurrence of the problem or worse the problem not resolving at all.

View a list of the various magnetic devices available and their main uses.

Length of exposure.

    Magnets should be worn or used until your symptoms have cleared. If you stop using your magnetic devices before your symptoms have resolved, the inflammation and pain associated with your injury may return very quickly. The best way to use any magnetic device is to continue use for around 3-4 weeks after your symptoms have disappeared. This will allow the magnetic field to ensure that all of your symptoms have been resolved plus encourage new cell growth and healing of soft tissues. There is no maximum length of exposure to magnets, you can safely use magnets for as long as you like. Some people prefer to wear them permanently as they do not want their symptoms to return.
    Once your symptoms are alleviated and you stop using your magnets the benefits will remain for a period of time. If your ailment is chronic and has no cure, for example arthritis, the symptoms will eventually return. It is impossible to calculate how long this will take as everybody has a slightly different experience, as a general rule the more severe your condition the sooner the symptoms will return. To prolong the time before your symptoms return you can drink magnetised water on a daily basis, drinking just 4 glasses a day can keep your symptoms from returning for weeks or even months. (See magnetic water section)

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