MYTH 2: The 4 Ways Magnetic Bracelets Can Help You:

As long as you are using them appropriately magnetic bracelets are very effective at relieving pain in the hand, fingers, lower arm and wrist. In addition to treating pain they also have 4 other very beneficial properties:

1. Magnetic bracelets can improve your circulation. Because the magnets are placed over the radial artery (the pulse point in your wrist) they have close contact with your blood supply. The radial artery is a very wide major artery for the body and the corresponding radial vein which is parallel to the artery takes blood back to the heart.

The magnetic field travels in the blood from the radial vein to the heart (the heart is less than 75 cm away from the wrist so the magnetic strength is still in the blood when it reaches the heart).

The magnetic field agitates the iron particles in the blood which stimulates the blood flow causing it flow easier around the body. As the blood flows more efficiently around the body, your tissues, muscles and organs receive more oxygen and nutrients.

2. Magnetic Therapy Bracelets increase your energy levels. The increase in your circulation allows your heart to take a rest. You will have less fluid to push around your body and your blood will be flowing much more efficiently which means your heart will not have to work so hard. You will feel a boost in your energy levels. In a nutshell, you will have a terrific feeling of wellbeing.

3. Magnetic Bracelets help to lower high blood pressure. Another result of improved circulation is that your body will be able to eliminate toxins much easier. They are more readily extracted from the tissues and expelled out of the body when you ‘wee’. That creates a knock on effect for the heart. Less fluid to pump around the body means less workload and that naturally reduces your blood pressure and pulse rate.

4. The cumulative effect of the above 3 actions; more oxygen, more nutrients and a rested heart will equal a tremendous sense of wellbeing. You will feel energised, rested and generally less bloated and lethargic.

But remember these effects will take time to build up in your system; they do not happen over night, usually over a period of weeks and most importantly, they will only last for the time you are wearing the magnetic bracelet. You must wear the bracelet all the time to gain the maximum results.

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