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Magnetic devices and their use

Device Material Uses Usual Strength
Straps Neoprene (nylon,cotton and lycra mix , breathable) Thin straps that are placed around the knee, back, neck, wrist, elbow and thigh 800- 1000 gauss/80-100 m tesla per magnet with 6-16 magnets.
Wraps Neoprene or quilted cotton. These cover areas were thin straps will not stay in place eg. Shoulders, ankles 800-3,000 gauss/ 80-300 m tesla per magnet with 6 18 magnets.
Supports Neoprene Will give support to load bearing joints, also useful for sporting injuries were support is needed. They can be placed around the knee, back, shoulder, upper arm and wrist. 800-1000 gauss/ 80-100 m tesla per magnet with 6-20 magnets
Bracelets Copper base with gold or silver plating ( plating no longer contains nickel but it will contain zinc, so avoid if you have a zinc allergy) Hand, finger, wrist pain. 1,200-1,700 gauss/120-170 m tesla per magnet with 2-6 magnets.
Bracelets Hematite, this is a hypoallergenic stone that has healing properties. The magnets are encased inside the hematite. Hand, finger, wrist , high blood pressure, poor circulation. 800-2,000 gauss/80-200 m tesla per magnet with 9-24 magnets
Bracelets Stainless steel; Surgical 316 L grade stainless steel is hypoallergenic and lasts longer than any other bracelet material (magnets are not made from stainless steel so if allergic to neodymium then ensure they are epoxy coated) Hand, finger, wrist, elbow, shoulder, high blood pressure, stress, poor circulation, diabetes. 2,000-3,000 gauss/200-300 m tesla per magnet, with 6-24 magnets
Necklaces Hematite Neck, headache 800-1200 gauss/80-120 m tesla per magnet with 16-40 magnets
Necklaces Surgical stainless steel Neck, headache, shoulders, upper back 2,000-3,000 gauss/200-300 m tesla per magnet with 25-40 magnets
Rings Copper base with gold or silver plating over Individual fingers 1000-1,700 gauss/100-170 m tesla per magnet with 2 magnets.
Shoe insoles Foam material with ferrite magnets inside, these contain quite large magnets that protrude above the surface of the insole, not recommended for people with sensitive feet. Feet and ankles 500-1000 gauss/50-100m tesla per magnet with 8-12 magnets.
Shoe insoles Flexible rubberised ferrite magnets, contain very small unobtrusive magnets Feet, ankles, lower leg, diabetic neuropathy, poor circulation. 500-800 gauss/ 50-80 m tesla per magnet with 50-65 magnets per foot.
Pillow Pads Quilted poly cotton mix with wadding inside for comfort. Insomnia, migraine/headache, can be placed anywhere in the bed under a problem area. 800-3,000 gauss/80-300m tesla per magnet with 10-40 magnets.
Mattress Cover Quilted poly cotton mix with wadding for comfort, usually available in fitted sizes single, double, king and non fitted which rest on the top of the mattress. Fibromyalgia, multiple point pain, M.S, stroke, chronic arthritis. 800-3,000 gauss. 80-300 m tesla per magnet with 70-325 magnets.
Water wand Rhodium coated wand containing neodymium magnets. Chronic fatigue, bowel disorders, skin conditions, high blood pressure, stress, migraine, insomnia, poor circulation, diabetes and any ailment where pain is present 2,000-2,500 gauss/200-250 m tesla per wand with 2 magnets.
Eye mask Poly cotton mix. Tension headache, eye strain, wrinkles, tired puffy eyes, dark circles. 800-1000 gauss / 80-100 m tesla per magnet with 10-25 magnets.
Snore free Soft flexible non toxic plastic. snoring 800-1000 gauss/80-100 m tesla per magnet with 2 magnets.


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