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    I know that I have mentioned this fact earlier in the book, but it is so important that you fully understand that the strength of the magnet is crucial in determining if the magnetic field will reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the injury.

    So how strong should a medical magnet be? As previously mentioned a medical magnet must be a minimum of 800 gauss or 80m tesla to penetrate through the skin, into the tissues and increase blood flow. Having said that an 800 gauss/ 80m tesla magnet is by no means weak. It does have sufficient strength to stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation. Most magnetic devices which utilise 800 gauss/80 m tesla magnets will have at least 6 x 800 gauss /80m tesla magnets all concentrated around the injured area. This combined strength of these magnets is 4,800 gauss / 480 m tesla, which is more than adequate to treat an acute injury, for example sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries and fractures.

    The stronger the magnet the deeper the penetration into the skin and the wider magnetic field, so for more serious ailments and chronic, longstanding conditions, stronger magnets are recommended. 1,500-2,000 gauss/150-200 m tesla magnets are considered to be high strength. When used in groups of 6 or more they create an overall magnetic field of around 12,000 gauss/1.2 tesla or more (depending on the amount used). This strength will reduce the symptoms of many chronic inflammatory complaints, for example tendonitis, cruciate ligament injuries, arthritis (rheumatoid and osteo), spondylosis and general joint wear and tear.

    For extreme pain and very severe conditions super strength magnets are advocated. These are magnets that have a gauss/m tesla rating of 3,000/300 or above. Super strength magnets are rapidly gaining in popularity as they such a deep level of penetration and create a very large magnetic field. Results are more rapid with this strength of magnet. They are recommended for people who suffer with multi location pain and all over body pain, for example fibromyalgia, M.S., M.E. and severe arthritis.

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