9 Simple Ways to Beat Stress Without Medication

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Stress is often a natural  reaction to situations that life throws at us when we’re not expecting it.  However, just because the situation is stressful does not mean we have to  actually get stressed.

We know that stress can cause  physical as well as psychological problems and can sometimes escalate to severe  anxiety attacks if the challenges are not dealt with in a calm way, so having  tools already in place alleviates the need to go into full blown stress when  challenging situations occur.

The medical profession often  recommends medication for people with severe stress to help alleviate the  symptoms they’re experiencing. However, there are other ways to handle  stressful situations, and medications don’t work for everyone. And, there are  many people who don’t want the side effects medications can cause.

So what can you do?

Everything is a state of mind  so it’s necessary to decide in advance how you might be able to handle any kind  of stressful situation that occurs. If you know what you need to do should  something stressful come up, you will be ready to take that action instead of  immediately feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.


  • One of the best ways to  alleviate stress is to take a walk to clear your head. And, walking is an  excellent form of exercise for your body as well as your mind. You can walk out  frustration so that you’ll be able to come back refreshed and ready to deal  with challenges calmly.


  • Give your mind a break with  soft, relaxing music. Our brain takes in lots of information from the things  that we read, hear and see every second of every day. Your brain is an amazing  organ but it’s not immune to overloads.


  • If stress is really bad it  can also cause depression, and, if you don’t want to take medication, a great  way to decrease depression is to dance. Dancing gives you more energy and it  becomes challenging to feel depressed if you are hearing a great fast beat. You  can’t have two opposite thoughts or feelings at the same time so if music makes  you feel happier, you won’t feel depressed, tired or overwhelmed.


  • Overload can cause stress  to escalate, which brings its own challenges. Allow yourself to walk away from  a situation that makes your shoulders get. Step away and sit quietly for 10-15  minutes. Allow yourself to think clearly about how you can deal effectively  with the situation.


  • Find a hobby, something you  really enjoy, and be sure to make time for it at least once a week. Everyone  needs to get out of the mindset of having to deal with challenges and decisions  within our lives. Giving yourself something else to focus on gives you a sense  of accomplishment in an area of your life where your professional and/or  financial situation may not be up to par.


  • Massage and/or Yoga are  other options. Stressful situations can cause your muscles to tighten and ache,  which not only affects your physical body, but your mind as well. A massage or  15 minutes of yoga can loosen up those muscles, which will loosen up your mind  allowing you to feel refreshed and renewed.


  • If you’re so stressed that  you want to cry, then let the tears flow. Don’t be afraid of your emotions; it’s  really healthy to let them surface rather than keep them inside of you. Built  up stress has to come out somehow, so it’s a lot safer to let it out through  tears than to wait until it explodes into uncontrollable anger. You can also use  journaling as a tool or talk to a friend or your coach if you have one. As long  as it doesn’t stay inside of you, it won’t affect your body or your mind to any  great degree.


  •  If finances are the  challenge, create a budget. Look at your expenses and see what you can  comfortably cut out or down so you give yourself room to save a little money. If you have the ability, every time you spend $1 put another $1 in an envelope  and make this your mad money – money that at the end of 3 months, 6 months or a  year you can use to treat yourself to something you really want. Another way to save small amounts of money that was recently shared with me by a financial adviser is to open up an account where each time you earn or bring in money, have a certain amount automatically transferred from your bank to the account. Even if it’s $5, every little bit accumulates if you don’t take it out. Knowing you have the ability to save money, whatever the amount, really gives  your self-esteem a boost. I also take all my loose change and keep it in a big  jar and just let it accumulate. Makes my purse lighter to carry too!


  • Have a daily schedule! This  really alleviates overwhelm. No overwhelm decreases stress. Write down  everything you need to do each day, prioritize, and then finish one thing at a  time until the list is complete. Don’t make the list so long that the list in  itself creates stress, just 3-4 actions a day will help you to complete all you  need to do by week’s end.


You can control your stress before it starts to take  control of you. Although medications are one answer, they’re not necessarily  the best answer. It’s much more effective long term if you can find a natural  way that helps you to alleviate stress. Find out what works best for you so you  have a tool to use if any challenges do come up.


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