Fibromyalgia pain relief with magnets

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Hi there,
Obviously I have been looking at your Magnet Therapy as I am at  my wits end on what else I can do to try and have a painfree life.

I have lived with chronic pain for 12 years although no known reason!! I have been told I have Fibromyalgia but my pain came completely out of the blue one day like a bolt of lightening for no reason, It was not pain that gradually started!! It Is spreading and Is now getting worse especially over the past year. I have been to every known therapist chiropracator, Acupuncture, both western and Chinese, Oesteopath, e.t.c. to no avail.

Each day I take 240mgs Dihyrocodeine, 400mgs Paracetemol, I was also taking Gabapentin for nerve pain which did give some help along with the previous mentioned medication for 2 or 3 years but It gave me other pain and eventually I think my body just got used to It and I stopped working.  I was then put on to Pregabalin for nerve pain and again seemed to help for a while but again same thing happened as with the Gabapentin so not  taking that either.

I am seeing a Physiotherapist at the Hospital who cannot believe just how sore and like rocks and stones that my muscles are, and he is doing his best. He says that this Is all coming from my neck- my neck Is very painfull and pain radiates up through my teeth, jaw face head, also my shoulder and arm. I also now have restricted movement in my arm due to my shoulder from pain, Dotors say Rotary Cuff Injury, Physio says not and that It Is coming from my neck.

Who do I believe!! Pain has also started occuring on my left side which a year ago was not affected again my neck and shoulder. pain radiating to teeth has just made me go and have 2 back teeth removed even though they were not bad to see if this was one of the problems-no difference-only 2 less teeth which I find quite distressing. I have also had Cortisone injections in my head, neck, shoulders, to no avail, paid pounds to see Specialists-one who almost insinuated that I was Imagining the pain-that was so upsetting as well as Insulting.

The problem being Is because they cannot see It they do not understand. I have so many very painful trigger points which Is why I was diagnosed by one Dotor with Fibromyalgia therefore I suppose this may be the cause of the problem but seems strange that this pain first started with a sudden Chronic pain to the head (and that was It) I thought It would just go away on Its own as you do, but had never felt anything so severe In my life-unfortunately It then manifested itself and I have never been painfree since.

There are a lot of times that I feel I cannot go on anymore, but I have to try, and not to give up hope that one day I may be painfree again and to live a life again. I have had quite a few Operations through life, but prior to this happening to me I was never one to suffer even a headache or take pills, exept for a life threatening condition that I have which Is under control with life long medication. I am sceptical as I have tried Tens machine, and other things and they have not worked, but as you are aware that when you are In so much Chronic pain you will try anything. My Husband does not believe In Magnetic therapy and I am worried that It may not work, but If It did help me I would be so elated.

I would be most gratefull If you could help me please, please. Kind regards, Best wishes, Jane.