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I’ve had a heart valve replacement can I use the magnets?

Yes the magnets have no side effects. They will increase your circulation, reduce the amount of work your heart has to do and make your heart beat more efficiently.

Regarding the insoles, how thick are they will I be able to get my shoes on? Will I be able to walk on the magnets? Are they comfortable?
The magnetic shoe insoles are very thin (3mm) and fit into any shoes. Even if you wear arch support insole you can put the insoles on top as they become pliable when warm. The magnets are slightly raised in the sole but they are comfortable to walk on, if you have sensitive feet you can turn them over and walk on the flat side.

I take a lot of medication one being Warfarin, will I still be able to use magnets?

Yes you can. Magnets have no side effects as they are not a drug; they are completely natural, so they will not interfere with any drug whatsoever.

I am having treatment with the osteopath at the moment. Is it alright to continue this and still wear magnets?

Yes it is quite safe to have both treatments at the same time, as they are different types of treatment. The osteopath will manipulate your body and do remedial massage, which is good for muscle spasm. Magnets will increase circulation eliminating inflammation, release endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, and encourage healing of soft tissue, and nerve damage. Therefore it is good to have the two treatments together, although usually most people will give up going to the osteopath after using magnets for a few weeks as their pain starts to reduce.

I am under a medical consultant at the hospital for my pain at the moment; can I still use magnets?

Your consultant won’t be able to advise you about magnet therapy as this is not his field of practice. He/She will only know about conventional medicine, but shouldn’t mind you using magnets as it won’t interfere with any treatment he/she will give you.

Quite often he/she will say that there is nothing else he/she can do for your condition other than give you painkillers, and this is true. The magnets work in different ways to conventional medicine. They are not a cure but they treat the condition by increasing circulation to the damaged area, eliminating inflammation, releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, and encouraging healing of soft tissue, and nerve damage.

Can I use a tens machine as well as using magnets?

Yes you can. But not at the same time. If you want to use a tens machine and are using magnets just take your magnets off whilst using the tens machine, and put them back on afterwards.

Can I use an electric blanket when I have a magnetic mattress cover on the bed?

Yes you can. Place your electric blanket underneath the mattress cover. We recommend that you turn the blanket off when you are in bed as it will heat the magnets in the mattress cover that might become too hot for you to lie on. You might also find that you do not require your electric blanket on a high setting anymore, as the magnetic mattress cover creates a feeling of warmth when you lie on it due to the enhanced circulation in your body.

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