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By Richard Dean Jenkins

Magnetic fields work much more quickly and effectively than heat, infrared light, anti-inflammatory drugs, trigger-point injections or microwave diathermy. It’s likely to be four or six months before an injured skier or other athlete is back in play again from the conventional treatment of ice, followed by heat to reduce swelling. Heat alone will not stimulate therapeutic repair or injured tissue or muscle. An ample supply of nutrient-rich blood is needed. Healing requires resumption of normal blood flow to the injured site, not simply pain relief. In magnetic therapy, knee braces can be removed more quickly; weightlifters can reduce lower back pain; sciatica (inflammation of the sciatic nerve running down the hip and thigh) and carpal tunnel syndrome can be relieved.

Osteopathic physician Sanford Paul, Mercerville NJ, is convinced of the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. ‘Though I use conventional medical methods I find that the application of bio-magnets has helped in some difficult traumatic injury cases. I feel that bio-magnets should be part of the total armamentarium of the future physicians,’ he says. However, ‘Unless used properly, their value is no greater than that of a regular magnet.’

Orthopaedic chiropractor Kurt Vreeland, White River Junction, Vermont, physician for the U.S. Olympic ski jumping team, uses magnets for ski and other injuries. ‘I have used magnets with good results on everything from rotator cuff injuries to what they used to call in football ‘hip-pointer’.


Our Planet – the Earth is one of the largest natural sources of magnetic wave energy. Today we live and work in steel buildings or in houses with electrical energy flowing through them 24 hours a day, which limits the access to the planet’s magnetic fields.

Additionally, the earth’s own magnetic field has been found to be decreasing at a significant rate – a total 50% decrease in the last 500 years (source: Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, MD, Director of Isuzu Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, ‘Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome and Magnetic Treatment’, Japan Medical Journal, No 2475, 12/4/76).

Science has also determined that the amount of available oxygen in our air has been lowered significantly. Combined, these two facts lead us to some interesting applications for Magnetic Therapy. These findings, by Dr. Nakagawa, suggest that this phenomenon may be the cause of many of today’s ailments. Although discomfort, stiffness, stress and fatigue are not considered illnesses, these conditions affect everyone today – both young and old. Clinical studies (i.e. Baylor University and others) have now proven that with the use of biomagnetics, these conditions may be improved.

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic Therapy is a non-medical method for the treatment of discomfort. It is complementary or an alternative way to enhance the relief of discomfort and the body’s natural healing process. According to human physiology, the first thing to know is that the human body is an electromagnetic organism. Electricity flows through the nerves in our bodies the same way electricity flows through an electrical wire. All cells have two magnetic poles, north and south, in their DNA.

The Body’s Magnetism comes from Two Sources:

  1. Magnetism from the earths own magnetic field. The bio-north pole side of a therapeutic magnet is exactly the same as the earth’s natural magnetic field.

  2. Magnetism produced through metabolism (oxidative remnant magnetism)

The magnetism made internally by the body (through oxidation) is not adequate to sustain life. Humans, as a result, have a definite dependency on magnetism from an external source. This was proven when astronauts required the use of magnets to replace the magnetic field of the earth. It is also shown in an everyday phenomenon known as ‘jet lag’ which results, when flying for long periods of time, from being too far from the Earth’s magnetic field.

Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad is extremely beneficial in returning the body’s magnetic level to normal and by providing the healing and restorative energy to ensure restful sleep. Disruptive force fields bombard our energetic bodies almost constantly as we go about our lives in this electronic age. These force fields come from computers, household electricity, televisions, and electric blankets an many other electrical devices. These fields are damaging because they disrupt the cellular structure of our bodies, which puts extra stress on the body to restore them. Force fields from properly designed therapeutic products can assist the body in repairing this damage; thus reversing the effect of the disruptive force fields. Sleeping in this healing, therapeutic force field coincides with the nightly healing cycle of the body. The extra energy provided by the magnetic mattress pad can assist the body in healing injuries, discomfort, and many other conditions. It also assists the body in the healing process by providing additional nutrition and oxygen.

A New Therapy for the New Millennium!

Magnetic Wave Therapy is one of the latest methods to arise from contemporary research into treatments seeking relief for chronic discomfort, taking inspiration from the way in which complementary health techniques are able to influence the human body’s natural healing process. Recent progress in this area indicates magnetic therapy has an exiting future for as a non-evasive affect treatment, able to help promote effective discomfort relief, and general well being, across a number of conditions. Over the past year, publicity and awareness of magnets to help eliminate discomfort and speed healing has increased dramatically. Medical and scientific studies document positive effects with more studies going on. News articles and books have been published which educate consumers on the uses, benefits and availability of magnets. Consumer testimonials are abundant. Studies have shown that magnets may be an effective therapy for the relief of discomfort. It is believed that applying magnetic fields to an injured area improves the blood flow and oxygen to enhance the body’s natural healing process.

Magnets create a magnetic field believed to attract and repel charged particles in the blood creating movement and heat. This caused the blood vessels to widen which is believed to accelerate the healing process by allowing more blood to pass through the capillary thus improving blood flow, which takes away toxins in the system and brings in nutrient rich blood to the affected area. The improved blood flow and fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps reduce discomfort and inflammation. The magnetic field is also thought to stimulate the nervous system, triggering blockage of discomfort sensations.

Magnets for Health – history and background

The association between magnets, health and well-being is currently enjoying a revival, but the approach is not a new one, magnetic therapy possesses an ancient and colourful heritage. Magnets have occupied a central role within Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years: magnetic wave therapy has its roots in the oriental understanding of health according to Chi, and energy flow regarded as the body’s principal life force and the key to well being. In respect, magnetic wave therapy has a close kinship to acupuncture and acupressure.

Magnetic Therapy Today

Today in Japan and other Asian countries, therapeutic magnets are licensed as medical devices. Contemporary western medicine uses certain forms of magnetic energy for diagnosis, for example in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and as an aid to accelerate the healing process, following breaks and fractures in bone structure. Magnetic therapy is now gaining widespread acceptance from the US medical community (recent testimonials) and it is becoming increasingly popular among osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors as a means of treating a wide range of health problems, including chronic back discomfort, arthritis and sporting injuries. These statements have not yet been evaluated by the F.D.A. No health claims are made from our products. Our products are not intended for use in the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment or recovery from any illness or disease. Our information is offered in a historical and educational context. Those experiencing problems are advised to seek assistance from the qualified health practitioner of their choice.

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